Elder Law in California

South Bay Elder Law & Long-Term Care Planning:

Helping You Develop a Comprehensive Plan for Today and Tomorrow

At the Law Offices of R. Christine Brown, our South Bay elder lawyers take a holistic and individualized approach to elder law, ensuring that every facet of your legal life is addressed, from current long-term care to future estate planning. Our goal is not only to plan for your life but also to safeguard the intentions and goals you have for your estate beyond your lifetime.

Navigating Aging and Disability Planning with Dignity

As time passes, the reality of aging can bring new challenges for seniors and their families. You may notice it becoming more difficult for you or a loved one to manage daily affairs, from paying bills to communicating with doctors and pharmacies. It’s a delicate time when help is needed, yet independence is cherished.

Our Torrance elder lawyers recognize the sensitivity of these transitions. That’s why we offer important legal tools that allow seniors and their families to bring on assistance without relinquishing control. Specifically, documents like powers of attorney and healthcare directives appoint trusted individuals to speak and act on the senior’s behalf. This support can range from aid in managing financial transactions to making healthcare decisions.

These documents are also designed to be flexible and adapt to the level of assistance required without the need for a full conservatorship. A conservatorship in California can be costly, intrusive, and may deprive a senior of their rights. Whenever possible, our approach respects the senior’s autonomy and provides a safeguard for their wishes.

Adapting to the Updated Medi-Cal Eligibility Criteria

The landscape for Medi-Cal planning in California has seen significant changes. Starting in 2024, the program’s eligibility criteria have shifted focus from asset evaluation to income assessment. While assets are no longer the primary factor in determining Medi-Cal eligibility, income levels continue to play a crucial role. This shift particularly affects individuals with substantial income from sources such as rental properties, royalties, or other passive income streams.

Our comprehensive approach includes exploring legal and ethical strategies to align your income with Medi-Cal eligibility requirements. While excessive income may not lead to disqualification, it could result in a higher share of cost. Our aim is to help you understand these issues and work with you to potentially minimize your share of cost, all within the framework of current legal statutes.

Ensuring Harmonious Coordination of Your Legal Affairs

We understand that your actions today can have a lasting impact on your legacy. For example, adding an adult child’s name to a bank account name might seem like a straightforward way to protect funds or help with financial management, but it can also unintentionally disinherit other heirs or put the senior’s savings at risk. Likewise, if you have an adult child who serves as a primary caregiver, you may wish to have them compensated differently in your will or trust when you are gone. We can help you work through all of these issues.

Our services also address potential discrepancies in roles; for example, the person you trust as your power of attorney and healthcare agent during your life may not be the same individual you envision as the executor or trustee of your estate. We work to understand the unique details of your current long-term care plan and coordinate it with the rest of your estate plan to ensure your wishes are respected at every turn.

Tailoring Legal Strategies to Your Unique Family Dynamics

Our legal approach is as dynamic as the families we serve. We delve into understanding your personal relationships, your care expectations, and your estate distribution plans to develop strategies that align with your values and goals. Whether it’s structuring caregiver agreements, advising on asset distribution, or ensuring the right people are in place for decision-making, we’re here to craft a plan that works for you.

For more information or immediate assistance, call our law firm in Torrance, CA at (310) 782-6322 to schedule a consultation. Let’s work together to ensure your golden years are lived out with the dignity and independence you deserve.