Medi-Cal in California

Long Beach, Redondo Beach, and Torrance, CA Long-Term Care, and Medi-Cal Attorney

In California Medi-Cal (known as Medicaid in all other states), is a joint federal-state program, subject to certain federal requirements, as well as California’s own regulations regarding how the program is managed. Medi-Cal is not an entitlement program like Medicare, but rather a needs based program (i.e., the applicant must have “limited resources and income”). The amount of allowable “limited resources and income” depends on whether the applicant is single, widowed or married.

Medi-Cal eligibility is determined after the proper application is submitted to the local County office of the Department of Health Care Services. There are many different Medi-Cal programs available in California, from basic medical coverage to nursing home programs.

As our population ages and lives longer, more and more people are faced with paying for the overwhelming cost of skilled nursing care and the fear of losing their home. We will determine whether you, your spouse or a loved one is eligible for Medi-Cal Long Term Care. We will also discuss how to protect your spouse, protect your home, and how to transfer assets and still retain your eligibility.