Empowering a young adult with developmental disabilities to live an autonomous life is a journey filled with unique challenges and opportunities. As a parent, you want to strike the right balance between enabling their independence and ensuring they have the necessary guidance. One legal tool that can help maintain this balance is a limited conservatorship. By working with a Long beach special needs lawyer, you can establish a plan that respects your child’s individuality and provides them with the support they need.

What is a Limited Conservatorship?

A limited conservatorship is a legal arrangement designed for adults with developmental disabilities. Unlike a full conservatorship, which gives the conservator complete control over the conservatee’s life, a limited conservatorship allows the conservatee to retain some rights and responsibilities. The extent of the conservator’s powers is tailored to the specific needs and abilities of the conservatee.

The Benefits of a Limited Conservatorship

With a limited conservatorship, your young adult child with developmental disabilities can maintain a degree of independence while still receiving guidance in areas where they need it. They can make decisions about their life to the extent of their abilities, promoting their sense of autonomy and self-confidence.

At the same time, you, as the conservator, can step in to provide support and make decisions in areas where your child may struggle. This can include aspects of life such as financial management, medical decisions, and housing arrangements.

Working with a Special Needs Lawyer in Long Beach

Establishing a limited conservatorship involves navigating complex legal processes and requirements. A special needs lawyer in Long Beach can guide you through this process, helping to ensure that the conservatorship is set up in a way that best serves your child’s needs and respects their individuality.

A special needs lawyer can also help you explore other legal planning tools for your child, such as special needs trusts, to provide comprehensive protection and support for your child’s future.

Empowering your child to live an autonomous life doesn’t mean they have to face life’s challenges alone. With a limited conservatorship and the help of a Long Beach special needs lawyer, you can build a legal plan that respects your child’s individuality and provides the guidance they need. If you’re ready to learn about your options and get started, simply contact our law firm at 310-782-6322 to schedule an appointment.